• Europe to Asia in a Jeep.

    Starts in late-2019.

  • Alaska to Mongolia via Argentina

    Cause why the hell not!

    Jean-Pascal Remon

    "Screw it, let's do it!"

    Richard Brandon said this legendary sentence a few years ago. It stuck with me.
    After completing Alaska to Ushuaia all by myself, I figured what the hell! I'm 25% done of completing an around-the-world Jeep trip...might as well finish it!

    So if you happen to say out loud "HELL YEAH", maybe, just maybe, click on the form below and let's get in touch!

    It would be wonderful to be a team of 3 photographers/videographers documenting the journey through the world in a Jeep.

    Ibiza to Mongolia trip

    Overlanding the Americas

    ​18 countries, 2 years, 2 set of tires.

    80 000 kilometres later, the Jeep is ready to get shipped from Montevideo, Uruguay, to a port of entry in Europe. Antwerp seems the best option. From there, the plan is to hit Switzerland for some family reunion time, then hit Morocco and Western Sahara before going back up to Norway, Sweden and Finland...to finally driving towards Mongolia.


    Check out my Pan American roadtrip here!

  • The adventure of a decade

    "One own free, untrammelled desires, one's own whim...all of this is precisely that which fits no classification, and which is constantly knocking all systems and theories to hell. And where did our sages get the idea that man must have normal, virtuous desires? What man needs is only his own independent wishing, whatever that independence may cost and wherever it may lead."

    – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    The start


    This is where it all starts. Overlanding Vietnam on a 125cc motorbike on a shoestring budget. Good times.

    Ibiza to Mongolia trip

    Alaska to Peru


    I left Haines, Alaska, somewhere in October 2016 and reached Peru somewhere in May 2017. I\

    Peru to Argentina


    I came back to Canada to work a bit and got back to Peru to finish my trip in the Americas. From Peru, I drove towards Rio de Janeiro. I reached Ushuaia at the very bottom of Argentina in May 2018 and went back up to Uruguay to store the Jeep.

    Ibiza to Mongolia

    Uruguay to Antwerp, Belgium to Ibiza


    From Antwerp, the plan is to reach Ibiza, Spain, and go from there. Maybe go to the Arctic Circle in Norway. Seems like a reasonable thing to do.

    Tsibili, Georgia, to Mongolia.


    That's the goal

  • The details

    Who What Where Why

    Pan American road trip Jeep


    Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X 2008


    This is the ultimate overlanding machine: Convertible 4x4 with low-gear transfer box and removable doors and roof!

    I stripped the entire interior of carpet, so it is more-or-less weatherproof.


    Jean-Pascal Remon


    Jean-Pascal Remon

    This picture was taken the morning after a heck of an adventure in the Atlantic rainforest in southern Brazil. I almost lost the Jeep as the road started to become a river, in a major downpour. I went in the night trying to rescue two canadians stuck on a beach without a road access (the road washout). I went, got them, head back to our hostel and just 500 metres before the final road access, the road started becoming a river...and the river was getting deeper by the minute. I retreated on higher ground and spent the night sleeping at the back of the Jeep. Thus the Zero Fuck Given t-shirt.

    Jean-Pascal Remon


    Change the world

    That's it. To change the world, one has to be in the world. And is there a better way to collapse some superposition event then overlanding barefoot in a Jeep through Mexico's backcountry?


    That's why I'm doing it.
    So kids can see someone not stuck in the matrix of mediocrity.

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